Layouts from the book "Colombian Women photographers"  where BERLINALE, my fotography project was featured. The book will be released in April 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia. 



"...Margarita brings us to a world where we see the red carpet, but can’t fully grasp it. The wavering golden dress of a women walking on the red carpet and her soft black fur coat that is wrapped around the body are a big contrast with the man with his black suit and sport shoes whoes faces we never get to know. Both are leaving the scene and leaving us alone ath the read carpet. Did we just missed something important or is it not that important in the end?


The scenes Margarita photographed are quiet. We see the actors from a distance  projected on a big screen or we see empty chairs that were once filled with journalists asking their important questions. Textures, colors and shadows are following a specific pattern. I want to touch the man with his soft coat, the old blue velvet curtain where so many people and things passed through we never saw.


There seems to be a rhythm in her pictures, like music we can follow the lines, the colors, the shapes, the shadows, but no person will be reveiled. Allthough she visited sites full with famous actors and filmmakers, she decided not to reveal them, but leave our imagination work for ourselves."


Eva Gjaltema-Theden (C/O Berlin Photography foundation)